profile picture of laura veith, communication and instructional designer, trainer


I am Communication Designer with a passion of games and learning.
I believe that education is empowerment and play and games are engagement with our environment. What the world needs now, is empowered engaged individuals and groups that embrace the challenges that we as a local, national and global society are facing.
I create print, web and multimedia pieces for various kinds of applications. I balance my creativity with technical know-how and design sustainable solutions that are enjoyable. I am flexible, resourceful and responsive to change. I build bridges through connecting effective communication with instructional design to enhance student learning. Each assignment is a puzzles for me to create solutions that incorporate multiple senses and learning styles.
So let’s design a more empowered and engaged world together. 
I’m currently looking for a new organization to play with and apply my diverse skills to help you create the kind of game that works for you and your people.