Robber-Baron Monopoly - An Updated Take on the Classic [Interactive Tutorial]



While obtaining a Certificate in Game Design from the University of Washington one of the assignments was to develop the well-know Monopoly (currently produced by Hasbro) into something further. There were three major gaps in the original game that we wanted to address: Theme, Interactivity & Pacing.  My group chose the theme of Robber Baron, to emphasize what the game is really about: becoming the Monopolist, making deals that benefit yourself, and backstabbing your friends in necessary.
We changed all the street names to match historical monopolies, we changed the auction style to Vickrey Style (bids are sealed and the highest bidder pays the second highest price). We updated the Chance cards so that you hold on to up to two cards that can affect your own, or an other player’s die roll. We added an inflation track that progressed each round, introduced new rules throughout the game and marked the finish of the game when it reaches the end. We added a second band of color to the outside of the board on each property and placed the offices (formerly houses) there. This makes company names easier to read, and lessen the chance of offices getting knocked over during dice roll.
I redesigned the board and company (formerly property) cards to match the rules as well as the look and feel of the Robber Baron Monopoly variant.
I created an interactive tutorial explains the rules in more detail and lets you experience Vickrey style auction in action, so you know what to do when you actually play the game.